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Below is a sample contact letter with key phrases, as well as contact information and links to Uranium Mining resources:

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If you wonder whether it is too late to contact the Chief Inspector of Mines with regards to Opposing the Foghorn Polymetallic Project in the North Thompson Valley, the answer is


It is not too late. The fight continues.

Please take 5 minutes of your time, which we know is valuable, to write, fax,or email him a letter. That is all it takes to write a simple line or two. You could write something like this:

I am opposed to the exploration and mining of Uranium at the Foghorn Polymetallic Project in Birch Island and the Blizzard Project in the Kettle Valley. I request a Moratorium be set in place until a full scale BAN on uranium mining in BC can be implemented through legislation.

Thank you,

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Note: You must be a BC Resident to register this opposition.


Send your letter to:

Chief Inspector of Mines
Prov Govt
Victoria, BC

Please Cc: the following key persons as well:

Our Current Premier
Prov Govt
Victoria BC

Minister of Mines
Prov Govt

Whether you mail or email your letter, we would request that you send us a copy of your letter at:

Yellowhead Ecological Association
Box 417
Clearwater, B.C. V0E 1N2
Phone: 674-3260