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Mountain Caribou Presentation:

Lawrence Redfern has been lined up to give a presentation regarding the Mountain Caribou Project, here in Clearwater for the evening of November 4.  The date is set firmly as he is coming to TRU to give the presentation to the FOWGP AGM during the day on Saturday.  He originally sent out his letter of contact to the YEA, thus the YEA continues as an Ecological Association.     The time for this this was advertised through the paper on Oct. 30th 2006.

Mr. Redfern belongs to an NGO, called the Mountain Caribou Project, which is funded by several groups including the Forest Ethics Council, Wildsite (formerly East Kootenay Environmental Society) and other conservation groups.  He provides a general description of the animal and its’ habitat, then moves into current pop status and threats to their survival.  It is a pressing issue as their numbers are rapidly dwindling and there is a distinct possibility that they could become extirpated within  the next ten years.  The latest government census shows that they have lost 30% of their population within the past ten years.  

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