Yellowhead Ecological Association (YEA)
History of the Yellowhead Ecological Association

The YEA has been involved in the care of the North Thompson for over 30 years as it began in 1971. When there was a plan to dam the Clearwater River, one of the last free running major rivers in BC, the YEA was there to protest. When the plan was afoot to take, by tunnel, water out of the N. Thompson and put it into the Columbia system, the YEA was again there to protest and stop this travesty. And, best of all, in the late 70’s the YEA spearheaded the fight to start the Judicial Enquiry into Uranium Mining in BC which resulted in the moratorium being placed on such activities in BC.

Past News Releases

    AUGUST 2, 2006 - Recently there have been many letters of support from across the province concerning the campaign to ban Uranium exploration and mining in BC. We are heartened to hear from Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Mayors, doctors, families, the official opposition in government and of course our MLA and MP. The work continues to educate everyone about the health, safety and economic impacts to this area and all of BC if such activity is allowed to continue. In following the news we have learned about the cancellation of International Ranger’s ability to trade their stocks as they have not met Securities Commission standards. As of the writing of this release we have not heard whether the government has gone ahead and given Int. Ranger their permit to explore on their Foghorn claims notwithstanding the wave of public opposition that they have received. The YEA would like to urge those who have not yet voiced their opposition, to check out the web site for sample letters to send and information updates .    

           Hopefully you found the information table at the Family Festival, August 5, 6, and 7 here in Clearwater.  On Aug. 8 and 15 at 7 pm, in the middle room at the Dr. Helmcken Memorial hospital, there will be a showing of the NFB documentary titled Uranium that was put together 16 years ago as a result of the first battle against uranium mining which raged in our valley. The impact of uranium mining on the communities of Elliot Lake (and those down river) and in Northern Saskatchewan are well covered. There is a portion of the documentary that is narrated by Dr. Woollard and a slice of the community meeting in the CSS auditorium with the mining company 27 years ago.  There are many familiar faces...all many years younger, which is quite fun to see. Hope to see you there. Donations accepted. DON’T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR LETTERS PLEASE.


            JULY 6, 2006 - More that 100 people attended a well organized meeting of the YEA (Yellowhead Ecological Association) on Tuesday July 4 at the Clearwater Ski Hill. Upwards of 30 new members were willing to join the oppositional forces against the proposal by International Ranger Corp. to test drill the old Rexpar property in the Birch Island area of the N. Thompson. Dr. Bob McKenzie, the YEA chairperson in the 70’s gave a short history of  the original protest which led to the moratorium on uranium mining in BC .

            We wish to make it clear that the YEA opposes any exploration, mining, milling or transportation of uranium in BC.

             This meeting was attended by youth, business owners, professionals, farmers and concerned citizens. Important facets that were reiterated were that the environment and ecology are of uppermost importance. Short term jobs and  this type of economic development are not worth the generations of disease and radiation pollution that will be caused.  Our image around the world as a pristine valley will no longer be viable. This area has tried to promote itself in this manner as a viable economic alternative which will be totally destroyed with the establishment of uranium mining in this area.

                 A Provincial Referendum has to be held on uranium mining in BC.,    Uranium mining, no matter the high price that it is presently garnering, must be stopped.

            There are several organizations across the province opposing the establishment of uranium mining in BC. It must be emphasized that the nuclear energy industry is not the panacea needed to fix our energy needs. The industry itself may be ‘clean’ but the extraction and transportation of the ore to supply the plants is ecologically damaging. You can contact these organizations; or for further information or for letters to send to government to voice your opposition.

            Locally in Clearwater, contact Cheryl Thomas at at 250-674-3260 for more information or ways you can become part of the solution.

            On Monday July 10th, a rally was be held at the Community Resources Center in Clearwater at 1:00 p.m. to protest International Ranger Corp’s proposal to drill on the claims in the North Thompson. Later in the day there will be support arriving from the Kamloops area. Everyone in BC was welcome !!